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CallGroup, part of Kinezo Consulting
  • Welcome to CallGroup
  • Streamlined on-call
  • Stress-free post-call

Welcome to CallGroup

Streamlined on-call. Stress-free post-call.

Step 1: Create your schedule

Maintain your call schedule with our simple to use website.

Step 2: Publish your number

Each group receives a dedicated number.

Step 3: Calls are auto-routed

Incoming calls are routed only to the person on call.

Step 4: Answer the call

Answer the incoming call from your preferred device.


CallGroup replaces outdated paging and locating services with an intuitive, visual system. Our web-based calendar allows group members to make changes to the call schedule knowing that incoming calls will be redirected in real time.

Each group is provided with their own unique telephone number from which incoming calls are directed and then auto-routed to the on-call individual on their desired device.

Designed with physicians in mind, the product is ideal for any profession whose members may need to be reached at all hours, such as plumbers, locksmiths or real estate agents.



Our Story


Our team

CallGroup was formed when its founders, Shamus Rask and Joe Duong, identified a need for a practical way for individuals working on call to manage their on-call hours and achieve a better work-life balance. Shamus and Joe's complementary backgrounds in technology and computer programming led to a natural partnership.



Shamus chose the entrepreneurial path as a way to create a more balanced family life. He has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University, is a licensed Professional Engineer and has worked for a number of large companies, including Bell and Alcatel-Lucent. An accomplished juggler and unicyclist, he enjoys spending his rare off-hours with his family, sharing his love of outdoor activities with his two young children.



Joe has a degree in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He has worked as a programmer for over 15 years and started his own company because of the flexibility and freedom that being self-employed offers. Joe loves to create fun new things and has many ideas for future projects. A self-professed jock, when Joe finds himself with some spare time he can usually be found playing some sort of sport.

Dr. Rob

Medical Advisor

Dr. Rob El-Maraghi (BSc., MD, FRCPC) is a medical oncologist specializing in the management of thoracic and gastrointestinal malignancies. He is the current Vice President of the Medial Staff at the Royal Victoria Regional Hospital and a director of the Community Oncologists of Metropolitan Toronto. He also acts as Co-Chair of the COMET Education Committee and is a Co-Chair of the annual Canadian Conference of Community Oncology (CCOCO) meeting. He is an examiner for the Medical Council of Canada and holds an appointment of Clinical Lecturer at the University of Toronto. Dr. Rob's other interests include physician advocacy and maintaining an active lifestyle.


CallGroup provides clean, streamlined solutions that work. See how it can integrate with your business to simplify processes and improve your workflow.

Redirect Options

Each user can add up to 3 phone numbers (e.g. mobile, home, pager, office extension) to their user profile. The user can change these numbers at any time.

Ring on Multiple Devices

Users can choose whether they want their 3 phone numbers to ring simultaneously or sequentially.

Voicemail Smart

For any phone number, a user can select whether the system should ignore their voicemail if it answers.

Real-Time Editing

Any of these options can be modified at any point to change how the next incoming call is directed.

Share Digitally

An on-call group can create and share a read-only link to their on-call calendar, eliminating the need to share paper copies, as the link will immediately reflect all updates.

Privacy Protection

Never share your personal number again, only your CallGroup number.


Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what real customers have to say.

Dr. Bunmi Ogundimuo

"CallGroup works so well that I've forgotten we use it. I have never received a call outside of my on-call days. I can still remember residency when calls would come even days later.

The CallGroup system is excellent."

Dr. Jessica Singh

"CallGroup has improved my work-life balance by eliminating misdirected phone calls from consulting physicians and nursing staff when off call. Prior to implementation of the CallGroup system, I would often receive urgent calls requesting to see a patient while in the midst of a busy clinic, while driving home, or even while vacationing with the family. Since CallGroup has come into effect, my colleagues and I have been able to make short and long term call switches seamlessly."

Dr. Marianne Belau

"For our Palliative Care group, CallGroup has provided us with a simple and reliable way of signing out when we are off, and a simple way to be contacted when we are on call. The single number to call is simple for patients and colleagues as well."

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